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The Ultimate 1 to 20 Number Pack


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Learning the Alphabet Worksheets Pack


Number Practice from 1 to 20 Worksheets


Early Years Resources

Adding Three Numbers Worksheets


Clock Flashcards


Number Practice from 1 to 20 Worksheets


Subtraction Worksheets (One or Two Numbers)


Primary Years Resources

Journal Writing Templates Worksheets


Short Vowels Phonics Worksheets


Clock Flashcards


Subtraction Picture Colouring


What do we offer?

Here at Noriel Notes, we offer a variety of teaching resources. Resources include flash cards, peg cards, worksheets, special packs and information books. We are still building our resources so please do bear with us if you do not find something you are looking for. However, you may always get in touch with us to let us know what you are seeking especially if things are urgent. In the near future we plan to expand the variety of subjects as well as the variety of resources. Currently we are also working on two separate children’s books so do get back!

Tested Resources

After more than four years working with children of various ages and in different settings, we have learnt to recognise that every student has different strengths and needs, and how to tackle them effectively. Each resource has been tested with students of various levels of ability.


Consistency is the key throughout all the resources available on the website, both with content and with style. This gives students and educators a familiar setting that lets the children focus on the learning outcome of the lesson.

Hand in Hand

Most of the topics covered by our resources go from a beginner’s level to an advanced one, helping you take the child by hand and leading him in their learning process, no matter how long it takes.

What Educators Think

Mario C.

Year 1 Teacher

Such a great website, I love the concept behind the resources and the project in general. Keep it up!

Lina D.

Learning Support Educator

I like that many of the resources are free to try before actually purchasing them. Looking forward for more!

Joan A.

KG Assistant

The structure of the resources is quite consistent. I found that interesting as it is doing wonders with my students. Well done and good luck with this website.