Short Vowels Phonics Worksheets







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This short pack contains 12 worksheets. Each vowel has 2 pages dedicated to it. The pages are divided into three columns: the first contains a picture (e.g. a picture of a cat), the second contains the word with a missing letter (e.g. ca_), and the third is empty. At the bottom of each page there is a space where the missing letters are found. Thus, the student has to look at the picture and recognise it, find the missing letter from the bottom of the page (e.g. in our case ‘t’), and place it in the slot provided. Once the child sees the letters combined, they may write it down in the third column using a whiteboard marker. Ideally, after they write it down, they need to read it once again.

These worksheets help the child to recognise the pictures and the letters, write and match, and read. Please note that another page is provided at the end of the pack with the ‘missing letters’ that need to be placed in the second columns.


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