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A good way to introduce 3D shapes is by starting from the very beginning, that is, simply by exposing the flashcards with the 3D shapes to the child and help them become familiar with the shape. One may go further by exposing the child to the shape name and later on test the matching skills and the recognition skills of the child on this topic.

After exposing the flashcards, one may go further by giving out various activities to the pupil/s to understand what they have understood. This pack is precisely designed for this scope. In the meantime, the pupils may learn while working out activities which are appealing to them.

With this pack, the child will be able to learn the concept of shapes. The aim of this pack is to enhance recognition, matching, sorting, reading and writing of shape names.

The shapes covered by this pack are the following:

  • cuboid
  • cube
  • cone
  • sphere
  • cylinder (circle and oval based)
  • prism (triangular, hexagonal, diamond-shaped, pentagonal, heart-shaped, crescent-shaped, star-shaped, arrow-shaped, cross-shaped, parallelogram, trapezium cross-sections and rhombohedron)
  • pyramids (rectangle-based, pentagon-based, square-based, hexagon-based, and triangle-based)

This pack contains

The pack 3D Shapes Flashcards contains 26 pages of 7 different kinds of flashcards, covering all the shapes mentioned above. It also helps the child understand how to write the shape names correctly as well as properly in a given line. Included, there is also an additional activity which includes a social story on the mentioned topic. Should you wish to purchase the social story on its own, you may find it here.

These two packs including the social story are designed as complementary to each other to ensure optimal learning for the child.


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